My passion for soccer developed at a young age. I grew up playing with the boys in our neighborhood. I quickly developed a love for the game. As a young child, college was not really mentioned in my household. It was something encouraged, but not pressured. Fortunately for me, I had a great high school coach who cared for his players. He not only encouraged me to go to college, but also got me a scholarship. I spent my first two years at a small junior college in Wyoming before I was recruited by the University of Providence; known then as the University of Great Falls.

When I moved from Southern California to Wyoming, it was a tough transition. It might as well have been two different worlds. When I received the news about possibly going to the University of Providence, I was a bit nervous. However, in a short time, I felt at a sense of home at the University and I flourished. My time at the University of Providence was a blessing. I made unforgettable memories, life long friends, and even met my other half. The University also provided me the education and tools I needed to be where I am today. I am currently working for the great company of North Western Energy. This summer I will be traveling to Lima, Peru with a sport diplomacy group that encourages young Latina soccer players to strive for greatness. During this trip, I will definitely be sharing my experience as an Argo at the University of Providence.