University of Providence 2020 Virtual Celebration

May 2, 2020

Thank you for choosing the University of Providence; we are proud to have supported you on this academic journey.

Congratulations on your accomplishment!  This day has certainly been well anticipated and our campus community extends our greatest congratulations. We hope to celebrate you and your accomplishments the best we can under our global circumstances. This virtual celebration contains many of the same traditions that are carried on each year during the commencement ceremony, however, we understand that this is in no way a replacement graduation, and we cannot wait to celebrate with you again on campus in the future. 

Commencement Address



“Where the prairie’s golden glory
Spreads beneath the matchless sky,
And the sparkling waters falling
Toss their rainbow mists on high,
Stands a citadel of learning
Guarding knowledge, truth and right,
From its watch-tower ever beaming
Golden pathways through the night.
Ave, Ave Alma Mater
Voices ringing out with might,
Sing the glory of your story
Of your love for truth and light.

Vocalist: Ms. Angel Turoski

Ave Alma Mater

Commencement Program

Traditional program including details on regalia, full student listing with honors and by major, non-academic student honors and recognition, and Board of Trustees. Download a copy of the program here.

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Outstanding Leadership Award

Recognition of Degree Candidates

Celebration of Graduates

Argo Athletics Year in Review

A special thank you to the individuals who made this virtual celebration possible: Fr. Oliver Doyle, Dr. Matt Redinger, Nic Estrada, Mary Anne Sladich-Lantz, Jim Sargent, Tim MacGowan, Jacki Schultz, Ashley Dunn, Alex Semadeni, Stephanie Schnider, Carol Hammer, Kari Thurston, Trace Richburg, Katelyn Farrington, Brittany Budeski, Beth Sobolik, Sarah Corbin, and Ashley Koepke.

 A very special thank you to Ms. Angel Turoski, University of Providence Alumna, Great Falls Central Catholic High School Principal, for the beautiful vocals of our anthem and Alma Mater.

Thank you to our graduates for trusting in our University to prepare you for your future.

Continue to share your celebrations with us by using #UProvGrad2020 and #UProvidence.