PLUS and Alternative Loan Options

Federal Parent PLUS Loan

These loans are for dependent students only. If your parent is interested in borrowing a Federal PLUS loan complete the PLUS Loan application and PLUS Master Promissory Note.

Alternative Loan Options

  • Prior to completing a student alternative loan application you must complete money management counseling. This requirement is in place to help our students understand more completely debt and money management in general. Click here to complete the counseling. Your loan will not be certified until this step is completed. This counseling must be completed each year in which you borrow an alternative loan.
  • We do not recommend one private lender over another. Click here to review some of your options. As you are considering your choice it is important for you to review such criteria as:
    • Repayment terms and options
    • Credit scoring
    • Interest rate calculation
    • Cosigner policy
    • Fees – both upfront and for late payment

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