How do I access the library’s research databases?

Most of the Library’s databases by logging in with your email and password.

My Email login isn’t working.

Check and make sure that you can access your uprovidence email account. If you can, Click here for more information on logging into the library’s electronic resources.

How do I look for a book?

The University Library’s book collections, video, DVD, CD and other collections are listed in the Catalog.

How long can I check out a book?

Students can check books out for 4 weeks, videos/DVD for 3 days and laptops for 4 days.

Why can’t I check out a laptop for the entire semester?

The Library has 2 laptops for checkout and they are in great demand. The checkout period is four days, which is very generous. Most libraries don’t even allow their laptops to go out of the building.

What do I do if the library doesn’t have the book/article that I need?

If the University of Providence Library does not own the book or article that you need, we can usually borrow if from another library via the Interlibrary Loan service.

How do I find peer-reviewed journal articles?

You can find peer reviewed journal articles in the specialized databases listed on the databases page.  Which database you use depends on your topic, i.e. don’t use a business database for information on chemical dependency counseling. Many databases will let you limit your search to academic/scholarly journals or peer reviewed articles.

What’s the difference between a library database and the Internet?

Magazines & journals require an editorial process to weed out inaccurate or bad information. Many Internet sites do not have an editorial process to determine quality information. While there are many good websites, there are thousands of websites with false, misleading, inaccurate or just plain wrong information.   Do you really want your doctor using a surgical technique that he found on the website of a 16 year old?

Why isn’t the article that I want on the computer?

If the article that you want isn’t available, ask the University of Providence Library to get a copy for you, from another library via Interlibrary Loan.  Most lending libraries email journal articles quickly, but plan on at least 1-2 days before your materials arrives.  For books, plan on at least 3-5 days. The Library is a member of LVIS (Library Very Interested in Sharing), so most of the time we can usually get the article for free.

How do I get a Lexis/Nexis Password?

Due to licensing restrictions, Lexis/Nexis passwords can only be distributed to Paralegal Majors/Minors.  If you need a password, Contact the library. Please provide your email account in your request. If you need to do legal research and aren’t in the Paralegal program, you can use the WestLaw Campus Research database.

Who painted the Library Blessing painting in the Library?

Long time Art Professor Sister Mary Trinitas Morin painted the Library Blessing. The Library has several examples of her work including the World of Books calligraphy and the Christ the King painting. Her work is showcased at the Gallerie Trinitas and in the Trinitas Chapel.