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University of Providence Military Partnership

Military Partnership Overview


The University of Providence has partnered with the U.S. Army and Air Force to provide bachelor’s level paralegal education to their enlisted personnel at a special tuition rate.


Air Force Paralegal

The University of Providence Air Force Paralegal Program is an Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) program partner. AU-ABC directs Airmen with associate degrees from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) to accredited “military friendly” colleges and universities to consider when completing a four-year degree. The program maximizes the application of military career education and training, and provides a multitude of online academic and support services.

The UP Legal and Paralegal Studies program is an American Bar Association approved paralegal program. By leveraging your CCAF Paralegal degree, you can earn a Bachelor of Science degree online by requiring no more (and perhaps fewer) than 60 credits.


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Air Force Paralegal Learning Outcomes & Curriculum

Graduates of the Paralegal and Legal Studies program will be able to:

  1. Differentiate and categorize the concepts of critical and analytical thinking.
  2. Demonstrate the importance of effective oral communication skills as a paralegal professional.
  3. Utilize the principles of effective time management and people skills to maintain professional relationships, conduct client/witness interviews, and orchestrate the human resource demand of management.
  4. Demonstrate professional caliber legal research and writing skills
  5. Apply and abide by the Professional Rules of Responsibility/Ethical Conduct for the legal community. Most notable, students will understand and abide by the limitations on the practice by non-lawyers.
  6. Paralegals will have knowledge of at least four core substantive areas.


Learning outcomes are tied to the curriculum that you can view here: Curriculum
Air Force Paralegal Transfer Information

Information regarding major requirements for Legal and Paralegal Studies – Air Force Transfer Agreement

View here: Airforce Transfer Credit for Paralegal Major 2021

Air Force Paralegal Bachelor's Degree Requirements
To earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Providence, a student must:
  1. Complete a minimum of 120 credits.
  2. Maintain a cumulative University of Providence grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
  3. Complete the University of Providence Core Curriculum.
  4. Complete a major. All courses used to complete the requirements of a major, minor, or concentration must have a grade of C or better. Some majors may require completion of a minor or concentration.
  5. Complete thirty semester hours of coursework at the University of Providence.
  6. Complete a minimum of 20 credits in the Paralegal major which may be inclusive of the 30 credit requirement above..
  7. Complete at least thirty-two credits in upper division coursework (courses numbered 300 or higher), at least sixteen of which must be from the University of Providence. Courses taken by students in the Paralegal major are 300 level or above.
  8. Apply for graduation in accordance with the prescribed deadlines.
  9. Comply with all University policies, rules, and regulations.
  10. Pay all indebtedness to the University.
Foundational Skills

These courses provide students with minimum competencies needed for higher education, expose them to es­sential subject areas and their methodologies, and introduces them to the practice of critical thinking and creative expression.

  • 3 credits – ENG 117 Writing Essays


Note: UProvidence requires ENG 099 for students with a score below the following: 17 on the English sec­tion of the ACT or a 520 on the Writing section of the SAT.  Transfer students with equivalent ENG 117 credit may be encouraged to repeat ENG 117 prior to enrolling in a 300+ level writing course.

  • 1 credit (pick one)CPS 140-142 Technology Module CoursesCPS 215 Information Literacy
  • 3 credits – PHL 101 What does it Mean to be Human
  • 3credits – TRL 201 Introduction to Theology
  • 3-4 credits (pick one depending on major)MTH 106 Contemporary MathematicsMTH 108 Elementary StatisticsMTH 110 Pre-Calculus IMTH 241 Calculus I


Note: UProvidence requires MTH 090 for students with a score below the following: 18 on the Math section of the ACT, a 450 in the Math section of the SAT, unless the student has received a grade of B or higher in a high school Algebra class.

UProvidence requires MTH 095 for students with a score below the following: 21 on the Math section of the ACT, 510 in the Math section of the SAT, unless the student has received a grade of B or higher in a high school Algebra class or Pre-calculus.

Arts and Science (16 credits)
  • 3 credits – ENG 215 Introduction to Literary Studies

History Array (3 credits)

  • 3 creditsHST 102 Global History IIHST 203 US History IHST 204 US History II
Social Sciences (3 credits)

Courses in this category study human society and individual relationships within society as well as provide stu­dents with the cognitive and intellectual skills to succeed in the modern world. Students must complete one of the following:

  • CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 215 Social Justice & Civic Engagement in America
  • PLG 101 Introduction to Law
  • PLS 110 We the People: Intro to Political Science
  • PLS 150 American Government
  • PSY 200 General Psychology
  • PSY 212 Developmental Psychology
  • HST 110 Contemporary Issues in History
  • HST 210 Montana History
  • SOC 110 The Real World: Intro to Sociology
  • ECN 201 Macroeconomicslix
  • ECN 202 Microeconomics
  • HPE 110 Wellness Perspectives


Fine Arts (3 credits)

Courses in this category both enhance students’ aesthetic appreciation and allow students to explore the creative process as it relates to visual, literary, and performing arts. Students must complete one of the following:

  • ENG 209 Intro to Creative Writing
  • ART 120 Studio Art Practice
  • ART 122 Drawing I
  • ART 200 Painting I
  • ART 221 Ceramics I
  • ART 255 Photography I
  • DRM 118 Intro to Technical Theater
  • DRM 120 Performance – Based Theatrical Expression
  • MUS 1xx – 2xx Any Music Designated Course level 100 – 200


Experimental Science (4 credits)

Courses in this category must include an experience in the laboratory, classroom, or the field that allows students to engage in the scientific process by designing experiments, recording their data, analyzing their results, and discussing their findings. Students must complete one of the following:

  • BIO 103 Structure and Function of the Human Body
  • BIO 110 The Living Environment
  • BIO 115 Environmental Ecology
  • BIO 151/L General Biology
  • CHM 101/L Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHM 110 Chemistry in Context
  • CHM 111/L General Chemistry


Ethics, Theology, and Integrated Learning Communities (14 credits)
  • 3 credits – PHL 301 Ethics
  • 3 credits TRL 301 The Christian Life
  • 8 credits ILC 330 What is Truth/ ILC 350 What is the Common Good


Note: Students who transfer to UProvidence with 60 or more earned credits are required to complete only ILC 330 OR ILC 350.lx


Upper Division Writing 3 credits

This requirement is met for Paralegal Students with their Capstone class

Additional, Distribution Requirements

Sustainability distribution course with a SUS attribute. This requirement is met for Paralegal Students with their field experience class communication distribution course with a COM attribute. This requirement is met for Paralegal Students with their Field Experience Class.

Army Paralegal

The University of Providence and The Judge Advocate General’s Learning Center and School (TJAGLCS) have enjoyed a partnership since 2004. By working with TJAGLCS, UP is the only American Bar Association (ABA) approved paralegal studies program to provide Paralegal Specialists (27D) with an opportunity to complete an associate degree or bachelor of science in Legal and Paralegal Studies online.

ABA approved Paralegal Studies programs require students seeking an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies to complete 10 credit hours of paralegal instruction, which can all be taken online. 


Special Tuition Rates for Military Members

Active duty military members are eligible to receive a special tuition rate of $250 per credit.

Course Schedule

Click here to view the class schedule.

Course/Term Length

Two sixteen-week semesters in the academic year and eight-week semesters available in the summer terms.


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Online Academic Support

Student Services at the University of Providence are designed to meet the needs of our campus and distance learning students during their academic career.

Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center is available to both campus and distance students. The mission of the academic success center is to provide individualized support for all students at the University of Providence. The academic success Enter connects students with resources such as study skills, access and scheduling tutors for specific classes, assistance with registration for classes and advising to ensure you are on track for graduation.

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO support services are available for first generation students and students with documented learning disabilities. Special tutors are available, and classroom and testing accommodations are available.

Writing and Critical Thinking Center

The Writing & Critical Thinking Center provides free writing support to the University of Providence community by providing:

  • One-on-One consultations, in person and online (Audio Visual )
  • Class Group consultations
  • Writing and Logic Thinking Workshops
  • To make a campus or online appointment go to Navigate to http://mywco.com/uprovidence. You can also find the link to our scheduler on your Moodle home page.
Academic Advisor

Each student receives an academic advisor from their discipline to assist with registration and degree completion.

Deborah Kottel, J.D.

Professor of Legal and Paralegal Studies

Edward Lucas, J.D.

Instructor Legal and Paralegal Studies