University of Providence Writing & Critical Thinking Center

Location: University of Providence Library

Director: Rachel Dunleavy Morgan, Ph.D.

To make an appointment and view the center’s current hours, click here.

Students are also welcome to drop in at any point to see if a consultant is available.

The Writing & Critical Thinking Center provides free writing support to the University of Providence community in the form of

  • One-on-one Consultations
  • Online Consultations for distance students
  • Group Workshops
  • In-class Workshops
  • Collaboration with faculty on Writing Intensive courses

Writing is complex process. The Writing & Critical Thinking Center at University of Providence is here to help students engage successfully in that process throughout their time at the university. Writers of all abilities benefit from the opportunity to discuss their work, so we invite students to visit with us today. Our consultants can collaborate on writing projects at any stage, from initial brainstorming to final revision.

Discuss ideas with our trained consultants a friendly and non-evaluative environment. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students from any course.

We also assist with extra curricular writing such as cover letters and graduate school and scholarship application essays.

To make an appointment:

  1. For new appointees, visit our online scheduler, click “register” and create an account. Students must use their University of Providence student email address to create this account.
  2. Once an account is created and logged in, select “Writing & Critical Thinking Center” from the dropdown menu at the top of the schedule.
  3. Any white box on the schedule is an open appointment. Click on one and fill out the required information in the box which pops up. Choose type of appointment—in-person or online—from the appropriate dropdown menu. Be sure to click “save” at the bottom of the box to finish making the appointment.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Appointment times are set in Mountain Time Zone.
  4. If there is no separate window appearing after clicking on available appointment, ensure the browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled; also minimize and check behind the internet browser window as sometimes the box appears there.

Contact us

Email: writingcenter@uprovidence.edu
Phone: 406-791-5906

Making an Appointment – Instructions

Online Consultations with the Writing & Critical Thinking Center

How to Make an Appointment

Navigate to http://mywco.com/uprovidence. You can also find the link to our scheduler by going to the university homepage www.uprovidence.edu and selecting Academics.Academic Resources.Writing & Critical Thinking Center. The first time you visit our online scheduler, you will have to click “register for an account.”

register for account

Fill out the form that pops up. You must use your University of Providence student email address to create this account but may choose any password you wish.

Once you have created an account and logged in, be sure to select “Writing & Critical Thinking Center” from the first dropdown menu at the top of the schedule.

Choose “Available for distance students” from the “Limit to” menu.

available for distance students

Any white box on the schedule is an open appointment. Remember that appointment times are for the Mountain Time zone.

Click on the white box you want and fill out the information fields in the box that pops up. Choose “Yes—Schedule online appointment” for a synchronous (live) appointment or “Yes—Schedule e-Tutoring” appointment for an asynchronous appointment. (See the end of this document for some guidance on which kind of appointment will best serve your needs.)

schedule etutoring

You must fill out the required questions for distance students included on the form. Be sure to click “save” at the bottom of the box to finish making your appointment.

After you clicking “save,” you will have the opportunity to attach multiple files (your paper and your assignment instructions) to the appointment.

appointment scheduled

If you have trouble attaching a file, you are also welcome to send your paper and your assignment instructions to writingcenter@uprovidence.edu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see a separate window appear after clicking at any point during this process, ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled; you should also minimize and check behind your main internet browser window as sometimes the appointment box appears behind it.

Begin Your Synchronous Online Appointment

When your appointment is scheduled to begin, log back on at http://mywco.com/uprovidence, remembering that Great Falls is in the Mountain Time Zone.

Click on the colored box that represents the online appointment you booked.

begin appointment

The appointment form will open up. If it does not, see note above about pop-up blockers and checking behind your main browser window.

Click the red link that reads “Start or Join Online Consultation.”

join consultation

The online tutoring platform will open. You should see a whiteboard space that contains text explaining the different tools available to you during the consultation. To the right of the whiteboard, you should see a chat space which you can use to converse with your consultant. If you wish to use the audio/video function, click on the video icon, and then allow the program to access your webcam and microphone.

access microphone

NOTE: If you are having trouble with the video/audio function, never fear! We have successfully conducted many consultations using only the chat box.

Your consultant will ask if it is important to revise your paper in Microsoft Word. (The whiteboard function does not maintain the formatting of your paper or have all the functionality of Word. This limitation doesn’t always matter if you are primarily focused on your content but becomes difficult if you are trying to discuss formatting.) If you do want to work in Word, you should login to your University of Providence email, and the consultant will guide you through the steps of creating a shared document on office.com.

Enjoy your consultation! (Note that the consultant will begin to wrap up at the 45-minute mark. Although the scheduling system shows hour increments, consultants need time to write up session notes and have a quick breather before the next appointment.)

If you encounter any difficulties in setting up your online appointment, please email the Writing & Critical Thinking Center: writingcenter@uprovidence.edu

About the University of Providence Writing & Critical Thinking Center

How can the Writing & Critical Thinking Center help me?

Writing is a complex process. The Writing & Critical Thinking Center is here to help you engage successfully in that process throughout your time at the university. Writers of all abilities benefit from the opportunity to discuss their work, so we invite you to visit us often. Students from any course, graduate or undergraduate, are welcome. Our trained consultants can collaborate with you at any stage of the writing process, from initial planning to final revision. We provide a comfortable, non-evaluative environment, encouraging clients to maintain ownership of their work and progress as writers. Because our goal is to help you develop of a writer, we focus during particular session on understanding concepts. We also prioritize making concrete plans for improvement, both to the work at hand and to your writing processes more generally.

How do I choose between a synchronous and an asynchronous (e-Tutoring) online appointment?

Synchronous appointments most closely approximate our in-person appointments here on campus. They allow you to look at and discuss your work with a consultant in real time.

Asynchronous appointments are a new service beginning in the 2017-2018 year. We recognize that time differences and work schedules sometimes make it difficult to participate in a synchronous appointment. A consultant will use the time you blocked off on the schedule to read and provide feedback on your work. You will receive an email notifying you when the consultant has attached that feedback to your appointment. Because you are not there to converse with the consultant, it is very important that you 1) provide context for your work by including assignment instructions, describing where you are in the process, etc. and 2) identify your top priorities for feedback on the appointment information form.

Whether you choose an E-tutoring or Online appointment, you should not expect a session to eliminate every single error from a piece of writing. You should expect thoughtful feedback from a consultant trained to help writers develop the habits and skills necessary to write well in a variety of situations.