Welcome to the Mathematics Center!

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We at the Mathematics Center at the University of Providence are researchers, teachers, and students committed to promoting mathematics education and its applications in STEM disciplines. If you are interested in mathematics, science, and/or information technologies, please consider joining us in this important and rewarding venture.

The Mathematics Center is committed to supporting mathematics education on the University of Providence campus and across the state by

  1. Addressing the mathematical support needs of first year students at University of Providence;
  2. Fostering development of an authentic, sustainable mathematical culture on the University of Providence campus;
  3. Promoting mathematics education in Montana’s schools; and
  4. Developing mathematics education research products and services in areas of strategic importance.

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Dr. David A. Thomas, Professor of Mathematics

Director, University of Providence Mathematics Center

Moodle: University of Providence_MathCenter
Cell: 406-403-5895