Services for Students with Disabilities
TRiO/Center for Academic Excellence


In recognizing the unique value of each human being, the Mission Statement of the University of Providence is in accord with the spirit of both Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the 2008 amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the updated regulations and guidance to Titles II and III of the ADA.

The TRiO/Disability Counselor, Kay Seilstad coordinates assistance for students with documented disabilities. These services assure program access to the University of Providence.

Specifically, the Disability Counselor offers the following services to students with disabilities:

  • Academic and personal mentoring.
  • Provides reasonable accommodations. Examples include: extended testing times, tests proctored at the CAE or in a quiet setting, preferential seating in classrooms, note takers, textbooks in audio format, accessible classrooms and materials, assistive technology, etc. There is no fee to students with disabilities for reasonable accommodations.
  • Assistance in meeting with professors and advisors upon request.
  • Promotion of effective self-advocacy skills.
  • Referrals to on-off campus resources.

Student Requirements

  • Provide recent documentation of the disability from a qualified professional whose credentials are appropriate to the disability.
  • Students meeting disability criteria must meet with the Disability Counselor to determine appropriate accommodations.


  • The Disability Counselor treats all personal information with the strictest confidentiality. Student files are kept in a locked file in the Disability Counselor’s office.

Contact: Kay Seilstad, Disability Counselor for further information
Office located in the TRiO/Center for Academic Excellence in Sullivan Hall.