Campus statue

Mission Statement  

As an expression of the teaching of Jesus Christ, the mission of the University of Providence is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a liberal education for living and for making a living.

UP, as a faith-based Roman Catholic university, believes in the biblical principle “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12 NABRE)

The university was founded through the collaborative efforts of the Sisters of Providence, the Ursuline Sisters, the Catholic Bishop of Great Falls and the civic community, all of whom recognized the need for higher education. Its educational mission, in conjunction with the Sisters of Providence, continues to be the shared endeavor of dedicated people. 

Core Themes 

The faculty and staff of the university join with students in a cooperative and enthusiastic search for truth, so that students may develop:

  • Academic excellence – Academic Excellence is the primary pursuit for all students, faculty and staff. Without exception, we uphold the highest academic standards across all programs.
  • Student Experience – Students undergo a distinctive and transformative experience that prepares them to pursue their lifetime calling and make the world a better place.
  • Mission Effectiveness – Driven by our Mission, we will provide world-class liberal arts and health professions programs while focusing on operational efficiency to deliver on our vision for sustainable growth.

Catholic Identity 

UP aligns itself with the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We are committed to sharing the teachings of God to our students and to those in our community.  

Our faculty serves with several core principles that are at the heart of every decision. Some of those include social and economic justice, human dignity, and peace. The Sisters of Providence, who co-founded our school in 1932 with Bishop Edwin V. O’Harainform our values, philosophy and beliefs. Our faculty and staff are committed to serving those in need through acts of service and parlay the moral and ethical standards established in the holy gospels.  

 We also believe that God’s creation is good, and we believe grace is necessary in the pursuit of happiness. Our Campus Ministry also plays a big part in sharing God’s word to those on campus and in the community.