Catholic Identity
The University of Providence aligns itself with the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We are committed to sharing the teachings of God to our students and to others in our community. As a Catholic liberal arts institution of higher learning, we share a mission to teach the Good News of God’s Kingdom, which is the same lesson that Jesus taught to his disciples, according to the Bible.

As a Catholic university, we understand that the modern world brings its own set of challenges. However, we intend to meet those challenges with a focus on the Truth through our educational and research foundation. This means that each discipline is committed to applying its best resources, research and methods to the free, open, and honest pursuit of the Truth.

We are in communion with the local and the Universal Church. The University shares and celebrates the Sacramental, Eucharistic life of the community and provides opportunities for prayer and meditation.

University of Providence also offers appropriate pastoral services to all members of the university community.

We also teach and act on issues related to human dignity, social and economic justice, and peace. The spirit of the Sisters of Providence, who founded our school, motivates us and we are committed to advocate for and serve those who are in need.

We also believe that God’s creation is good, and we believe grace is necessary in the pursuit of happiness. We teach the moral and ethical standards established in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The staff and faculty of University of Providence are committed to respecting the dignity and integrity of others. By conviction and commitment, we pursue the ecumenical unity of the followers of Jesus and of all humanity.

As a Providence-sponsored ministry and co-sponsors in the corporate ministries with the Sisters of Providence, we believe that God loves all of mankind. Therefore, we desire to serve one another and to show God’s love to others. The Providence Values guide our leadership philosophy, which includes: respect for the sanctity of life and the inherent dignity of every human being; the search for justice for those we serve; compassion for the whole person; the embodiment of charity, simplicity, humility, forthrightness and integrity; and a demonstration of excellence by providing quality services and continuously seeking improvement.

Providence Leadership Covenant 
We believe that PROVIDENCE is God’s love for each of all creation, and us, and the source of our desire to serve one another. The Providence-sponsored ministries are expressions of God’s love through EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, and HUMAN SERVICES. These ministries provide environments that nurture spirituality of and among our clients, patients, students, employees, volunteers, and other associates.

As Providence leaders, we CO-SPONSOR the corporate ministries with the Sisters of Providence. In accepting this role, our leadership is guided by PROVIDENCE VALUES and teachings of the Catholic Church. This Covenant is the pact we make with one another, and our community colleagues, to lead in the Providence tradition as sponsors of these ministries.

We RESPECT the sanctity of life and the inherent dignity of every human being. As expressions of our respect, we communicate openly; we are receptive to the contributions of others; and we work together to build our co-workers’ confidence and capabilities. We respect the conscience of each individual, and we do not discriminate.

We seek JUSTICE for those we serve, as well as for those with whom we serve. We serve all in need, advocate for the needs of society’s less fortunate members, and promote social justice. We subscribe to a vision focused on the common good, and we link the Providence ministries into the larger community and social system. We work to build the common good and will not exploit a person, group, or organization.

We demonstrate COMPASSION for the whole person, regardless of personal circumstances. We seek to understand the concerns, feelings, strengths, limitations, and learning styles of others. We listen without judging. We do not condemn others for their mistakes; instead, we seek forgiveness for our own.

We live out CHARITY by giving our time and resources to all in need. We also encourage community volunteer efforts. We critically evaluate the commitment of resources by maintaining a careful balance between the need for fiscal stability and our bias toward the charitable Providence mission.

We act with SIMPLICITY by exhibiting humility, forthrightness, and integrity. We behave based on a commitment to personal accountability and a moral conviction to do the right thing. We respond to constructive criticism with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, and we focus our efforts on energizing others. We prefer cooperation and teamwork as opposed to non-productive competition. We stand firm when necessary, but we also exhibit strength by soliciting and implementing others’ ideas.

We demonstrate EXCELLENCE by providing quality services and continuously improving our knowledge, processes, and skills. We promote lifelong education. We establish challenging objectives by searching for more effective and efficient ways to achieve them. We assess the cost/benefit relationship of major initiatives, and we strive to anticipate the implications of major decisions both on a short- and long-term basis for our missions.